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Kingdom Publishing Associates is a small publishing group that specializes in material that is glorifying to God and is Kingdom building.

Christian print on demand publishing:
Print on Demand means we print 1 book at a time as you need them. We can publish a run of 1-1000 and offer some limited distribution.

 We are the most affordable Christian publisher you will find.   
We specialize in Spiritual Legacy, Christian memoir /autobiograph and educational materials.
We provide book shepherding/writing coaching 
to help you start or complete a project or get you unstuck.
Educational materials, e books, book covers, book websites & blogs and provide print on demand copies from 1-1000.          

Contact us for the lowest rates in print on demand publishing                                                 
Or call for an estimate of your project. 
          Spiritual Legacy                                  
                 Christian Testimony
             Christian Memoir
        Bible Studies 
                        Sunday School Materials  
Coaching for any portion of the project to bring completion to:  Presentation,Testimonies and Speeches, we can work Long distance, do 

Interview Writing, work in Nursing homes and Hospice, writing Testimony for those approaching the end of life due to age or illiness. 


   The Spiritual Legacy Of Tom Phillips 

My Faith Journey and Spiritual Legacy by Ellie Adgate
 - available on Amazon

Simple Steps, a Speech Writing Workbook
- Kindle/Amazon  
Write and Publish Your Spiritual Legacy

My Spiritual Legacy Workbook- Pearl Seeker Press

Choices That Can Change Your Life - The Power of Your Words

The Spiritual Legacy of Gordon Warren- Kingdom Publications
The Faith Journey of Joyce Morris-Kingdom Publications

Jill's Spiritual Legacy, Kingdom Publications

We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver 
Guaranteed Satisfaction .