Speaking From The Heart Ministries -
                            Mission Statement

                                Always BE PREPARED,
                                  to give an ANSWER
                              to everyone who ASKS you
                                  to give the REASON
                            for the HOPE that you have
                                1 Peter 3:15

MISSION: Speaking From The Heart Ministries Mission, is to prepare believers to honor the call as Disciples to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ by "Writing and Telling" His Story in their life.

WHAT WE DO: We teach and lead programs to help equip, individuals, groups and Congregations to tell His story in their lives. The programs  inspire believers to become more confident and purposeful missionaries within their sphere of influence.  

                        Speaking From The Heart Ministry

SFH Ministry concentrates full time on writing,speaking and publishing Testimony. When Speaking  at different venues the Gospel is always presented. Afterward we keep in touch with new believers by email with a Personal Devotional until they are connected to a Church, Bible Study or a local Stonecroft Ministry. 

Leading workshops  and individuals (approaching the end of life due to illness or age) by coaching them to write  their Faith JOURNEYthrough Faith Journey  interviews to:"Write and Publish Your Faith Journey - Spiritual Legacy 

Publishing Faith Stories to Evangelize future Generations: 
Publishing faith stories into books inssures that a testimony will become a keepsake in loved ones family library, and more likely to be  passed down through the generations. That is where God can turn them into a Spiritual Legacy. 
The Legacy Project offers multiple channels for others to serve  individually or as a team members, Sharing the Gospel message through personal testimony,  speaking, writing, sharing Gods story in their life.